Valentine's Day Gift Guide For Her

Whether you’re enthusiastic about Valentine’s Day, feel meh about it or downright dread it, there’s no denying that retailers step up their romantic game at this time of year. I’ll never say no to chocolate or beautiful flowers but my Valentine’s Day gift guide includes items that have a bit more staying power. Hope you enjoy browsing my finds!

Valentine's Day Gift Guide For Her

How adorable are these hugging candles? They are definitely on my wish list though they are so cute I don’t think I would actually want to light them! You can find these unique candles on Etsy.

It’s January here in Ontario and that means I’m constantly checking the weather on my phone to anticipate how many layers are needed. Once we enter the “bitterly cold” zone I have to wear a hat so it might as well be cozy and charming like this one from Simon's.

It wouldn’t be a proper Valentine’s Day without a little self-care! These luxurious bath salts are a combination of minerals and salts from around the world and the scent of lavender plus frankincense sounds dreamy.

I love the look of these personalized cosmetic bags - that metallic script is just so chic. They're made of cotton or canvas and come in a variety of colors. In addition to the bags, this Etsy shop offers a really amazing selection of personalized gifts.

I have a few designs that I think would be perfect for Valentine's Day. The necklace pictured features a faceted sterling silver heart charm that catches the light for beautiful shine. It’s paired with sterling silver chain for a minimalist design that complements any outfit.

My choice for a Valentine's Day card is simple and sweet and it appeals to the minimalist in me (plus I adore that shade of pink!) I'm also giving extra points because it’s inspired by a brilliantly funny show (Parks and Recreation). This card and other lovely items are from an Etsy shop here in Canada.  

And finally this locket would be such a thoughtful gift. It has a beautiful flower motif on the outside and inside you can personalize the heart with any date that’s meaningful to you. The style is timeless and the personalization makes it extra special.  

1. Hugging Candles  2. Gray Hat  3. Bath Salts  4. Personalized Cosmetic Bags 5. Heart Charm Necklace  6. Valentine's Day Card  7. Personalized Locket Necklace

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