Minimalist Jewelry Organizers and Storage

The last thing you want to find to find when you're looking for a beloved piece of jewelry is tangled necklaces and misplaced earrings. Jewelry can be sentimental, meaningful, mood-lifting and downright fun so it deserves a proper (and stylish!) home. From wall-mounted organizers to simple sleek containers, there’s a storage solution that suits every taste. For my favorites, I tried to think outside the (jewelry) box for some creative options that will keep precious pieces organized and in good condition for years to come.

Stylish Jewelry Storage Ideas

By changing the shape and adding stylish handles and drawers, the traditional jewelry box is given a modern update that's not only functional but super stylish as well.  This one by West Elm would be such a chic accent in your bedroom.

I'm in love with the geometric motif and sleek design of this handcrafted wall-mounted organizer. It's made with white oak and features various levels and hooks - it's definitely an artistic way to display your collection.

This handmade brass jewelry stand features a minimalist design and a contemporary style. The evil eye, mirror and concrete terrazo base are all lovely details that make this one from Etsy unique and fun.

These sweet velvet boxes are perfect for storing a jewelry piece that may not be in your regular rotation but reserved for special occasions. It's only fitting that these items should have a fabulous home!

These jesmonite cones from Etsy are such a beautiful home decor addition, it's a bonus that they actually have a practical use for displaying rings. The colors are so soothing but also nice and neutral so they'll pretty up any space.

I adore the aesthetics of this circular jewelry organizer. It has a place on top to display items but also has some nifty hidden drawers that will keep pieces safe and prevent tarnishing.

And finally here's another wonderfully contemporary option to store your everyday jewelry. It has three tiers and a catch-all tray and I especially like that it has an area specifically for studs (a staple in any minimalist jewelry collection!).

 1. Modern White Jewelry Organizer  2. Wall-Mounted Jewelry Organizer  3. Jewelry Stand and Mirror  4. Velvet Trinket Box  5. Ring Cones 6. Circular Jewelry Storage 7. Metal Jewelry Holder

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