Luxury Gift Collection - My Extravagant Wish List

This collection was a lot of fun to curate! It's based on the premise that money is no object so let’s pretend for a moment that I've won the lottery. This is the luxury wish list I’d be pretty tempted to splurge on with my newfound windfall. Some are more extravagant than others (I’m looking at you Cartier watch!) but I enjoyed daydreaming of them all. :)

Luxury Gift Items

I have a slight (okay maybe more than slight!) obsession with marble in home décor. I think it works really well as an accent piece like in the case of this polished side table. The aesthetic is sleek and modern which is another obsession of mine!  

Don’t these pants look cozy and comfortable? I love the slouchy style that would pair really well with new fall boots. Maybe you're thinking that these don’t necessarily look like a luxury item? Combine Italian tailoring and a cashmere jersey fabric and believe me the price tag becomes extravagant! 

A change of season is around the corner and wearing new boots is some consolation for saying so long to summer. Combat boots are trending and these Prada lace-ups with chunky heels would be a cool addition to a fall wardrobe if you wanted to splurge!

I have one handbag that I wear on repeat but that doesn’t stop me from drooling over the chic designer ones spotted on celebrities and influencers! It's no wonder this gorgeous shoulder bag from Bottega Veneta is popular - the large chunky chain paired with soft Italian leather is so striking.

Anything in a camel shade has an automatic upscale vibe and this wool and cashmere coat proves it again. The rich warm shade is just beautiful and the clean lines and draping give the coat such a luxe sophisticated look.

If I’m dreaming big then why not daydream of a Cartier watch? This one is 18-karat rose gold with an alligator strap and an elegant oval face. I could have picked one with more bling but I'm drawn to the minimalist design.

And finally a black leather motorcycle jacket might be worth the splurge as it seems to be timeless. According to more than a few bloggers one of the best is by Rick Owens so I’m taking their word for it and adding it to my wish list.

1. Marble Side Table  2. Cashmere Trousers  3. Prada Boots  4. Bottega Veneta Handbag  5. Camel Jacket  6. Cartier Watch  7. Motorcycle Jacket

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