Long Weekend Lounging

Most of Canada will soon be enjoying a long weekend. Extra days off in summer are especially coveted! And mine will probably be spent relaxing and soaking up the sun. It's fitting then that my picks for this week are perfect for chilling out and getting comfy.

Loose pants with elastic waist bands became my lockdown wardrobe and I'm not quite ready to give them up! These soft wide leg joggers look so cozy and the military green would look great paired up with so many colors.

This thriller has been on my reading list for a while. It gets pretty good reviews and sounds like a page-turner that could be devoured over a weekend.

If I'm outside I better grab a hat or my freckles might multiply out of control! I love this stylish one from Aritzia.

Bugs and mosquitos are definitely not on the patio guest list so I'm hoping this pretty little citronella candle will keep them at bay.

If you want to keep things casual but still enjoy wearing some jewelry, I have these minimalist lightweight studs that have some subtle shine.

This strawberry cocktail looks so refreshing and I was intrigued by the new-to-me ingredients. 

Are you really even lounging if you're not wearing flip flops? Wearing flip flops definitely lets people know you are slowing down and don't plan to move anywhere in a hurry.

Of course you're going to need a place to settle once you have your cocktail and your book so I think these lounge chairs will do nicely.

And finally this tank dress from Lululemon looks like a perfect option for a casual comfy outfit - it comes in a pretty pink and the fabric is super soft and breathable. 

1. Wide Leg Joggers 2. The Silent Patient  3. Citronella Candle 4. Straw Hat 5. Strawberry Soju Cocktail 6. Flip Flops 7. Minimalist Studs 8. Lounge Chairs 9. Tank Dress

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