Friday Five - Sharing My Favorite Finds This Week

Happy Friday! I've been spending more time on Pinterest lately and I’ve been having fun curating my Summer Style board ... I am so ready for my fave season after an especially long winter and a pretty underwhelming Spring here in Ontario. Add to that we are in a stay-at-home order with outdoor recreation shut down and my summer day dreaming is reaching obsessive levels! Here are some favorites that caught my eye this week. 

The beautiful linen dress from Zara is in my cart and the only reason I haven’t purchased it yet is because I’m stuck on what size to order. I love linen for summer and this is such a pretty blue.

Hats are pretty much a must for me in the summer. I’ve got a mix of Scottish and Irish heritage and a complexion that allows me to be in the sun for approximately 2.3 seconds without burning. I feel like pale doesn’t quite accurately describe my skin tone…. ghostly pale comes close though! This straw hat would be a super cute accessory to help cover up.

1. Paper Clip Chain Earrings  2. Gigi Pip Straw Hat  3. Zara Linen Dress 4. Mini Raffia Bag 5. Malibu Coast Photo Print 

I discovered a new-to-me clothing and accessory store and love the minimal contemporary style. COS has clothing for women, men, kids and babies and they also sell shoes and accessories. I found the store while getting lost in a Pinterest search and was happy to discover it. Prices are pretty good too! I thought this mini raffia bag was sweet.

Along with day dreaming about sunshine and warm weather I’m day dreaming about travel!! (Aren’t we all though?) I came across this photo of the Malibu coast and it made me so nostalgic for past trips and how awesome it is to be by the ocean. 

And last but not least paper clip chain is still on trend so I just added some paper clip chain link earrings to the store and they come in two lengths.

Enjoy the weekend! 

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