Unique and Thoughtful Gifts for Your Best Friend

Shopping for a best friend can be equal parts fun and daunting. This is someone who's been with you through thick and thin so you have to up your game but you also should have a good idea of their wish list items so there's less guess work (a.k.a the stressful part!). I think the finds below would make any friend smile.


I haven't lived in my hometown in a long time but every visit home is followed by simultaneously wishing I didn't live as far or my friends lived closer. This mug sums it up nicely. 

I must admit I'm curious to see the difference with these popular silk pillow cases. The reviews are stellar and they do look pretty luxurious. 

Many long conversations have been shared over a bottle(s) of wine and my friends and I do prefer a good strong red! I think these soaps would be a hit.

Oh look something from my shop snuck on to the list! :) This personalized present is a sterling silver monogram necklace that's ideal for everyday wear.

How pretty is this gift box? This would be perfect for so many occasions - Christmas, birthdays or simply to let your friend know you're thinking of them. It's a delicious bundle of chocolate, calming tea, honey and biscotti.

I'm a sucker for a fun play on words and I thought this spoon was super cute. This would actually be a sweet addition to the gift box mentioned above or a charming little gift on its own.

1. Best Friend Mug  2. Silk Pillowcase  3. Wine Soaps  4. Sterling Silver Initial Necklace  5. Gift Box  6. Stamped Tea Spoon

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